Updates and more

So I am going old school Nostalgia right now. I have fired up Mac OS 9 (the predecessor to Mac OS X/OS X/macOS) from the 90’s and launched Quicken 2000 to record my spending. Since I have yet to learn how to properly budget I am following Ramit Sethi advice to track my spending.

More recent I:

  • Am doing my best to learn Quick Books 2004 to manage my business books which I acquired through a family member. Eventually when I feel I have the extra $200-$300 I’ll get the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • Have several unfinished drafts which I will eventually revise and release, specifically a post to help you learn from my mistake titled “How to (not) move your WordPress website to a new host.”
  • Am preparing to (finally) learn iOS development, it is something I have been wanting to learn since the college semester I was learning Computer Internet and Intranet Security. It was a goal of mine to learn it (or rather Objective-C at that time) in one semester which was over presumptuous and a non-realistic goal considering not only my learning challenges in addition to all the burdens and responsibilities I had on my shoulders at that time. I want to launch an app from one of several ideas I had.
  • Am planning to resume learning more about WordPress starting with refreshing/updating my knowledge of websites from HTML, CSS, Javascript, to PHP, MySQL and eventually more.
  • Am contemplating my career choices as well as my self-employment business choices. I love computers or rather Macs since Macs were my original passion by happenstance as far back as 1995. Considering that I don’t eat/live/breath/sleep code, computers, and technology, it’s implied that others will always outpace me. Good for those who subscribe the the “eat, sleep, code, repeat” mantra, that’s not me, I choose to have a life outside of work, or rather leave work at work.
  • Have started a Google Certification program. I consider myself more of a business man (I listen to more business podcasts, programs, and self-development than anything tech related) and I am learning G-Suite as well as how to “Manage a Project with Digital Tools.”

How to (not) move your WordPress website part 1.

Hey everybody, I’m back up and running, with all my previous posts restored.

I’ll do my best to keep this post short yet detailed.

So quick backstory first, in Summer of 2017 I decided to move switch webhosts from A Small Orange to Siteground and during the process I screwed up or at least I thought. Making the full cpanel backup and downloading it to my computer was the best and right idea. Thinking I could just upload the files to my new host was not. There are differences in the database prefixes which are attached to your cpanel name. For example the cpanel name for my A Small Orange account was anthony316 while the cpanel name for my former SiteGround account (since I let my original account lapse and started a new one) I think was anthony14. So all my wordpress MySQL databases and tables had the old prefix and I did not know how to change it. At that time I was very consumed and preoccupied by my W2 jobs so I just left the archive on my OneDrive to figure out later and started from scratch. After being sticker-shocked by the renewal fee for Siteground I made one more hosting jump although this time I tried to do things differently.

So there are multiple ways to transfer your website from one host to another, the best usually the easiest ways are plugins and sometimes even your host offers options.  So using one plugin I created a backup using the plugin, downloaded that plugin plus a cpanel backup, then promptly deleted my WordPress website. Following a quick guide YouTube video made by the plug in developer I restore the website on my newest hosting account unsuccessfully. 

Turns out that only the paid pro version of the plugin automatically restores the database.


A pivot

“A pivot is where a start-up company decides to switch direction in how they make their revenue. This is often after their first plan results in failure. Pivot as relates to entrepreneurship.” – Urban Dictionary

There is an old motivational saying which — I have as wallpaper on an old iPod Touch 4G — “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again.” There is nothing inherently wrong with that phrase and at what point  we stop “try, try, trying again?” At what point do we accept defeat and retreat? 

Those are questions I am wrestling with and I believe at some point continuing to “try, try, and try again” can drive you insane. Defeat and “failure” takes a toll on a person, especially repeated defeat and “failure.” Einstein once (allegedly) said “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.” If you continuing to strive, to achieve, to accomplish, or be something and yet you’re always falling short, at what point do you give up? You give up before the failure consumes you. 

I recently read a post on Reddit titled “Failure is always an option.” In it user “areseeuu” tells the story of his former boss who was trying to fix a major problem at work and recovered data being held at ransom by hackers. “areseeuu” thought his former boss had everything under control and was unaware of his former boss kept trying and kept failing until the boss took his own life. “areseeuu” ends the post off with saying to admit and accept failure is always an option in order to put yourself first.

Where am I going with this, I don’t know but I’ve certainly made more than my share of mistakes, many in business, and many more personal to which I keep striving to make things right after those mistakes which only result in more mistakes. At one point it’s time to decide what to do about those mistakes, to stay the course or to pivot and change course. While I can’t suggest anything for you, me I am making a pivot, to change course, to ultimately stop feeling like a constant failure. 

This website of mine will be filled with life tips about any topic I experience in life in order to help you. These tips could be from personal finance (few people have a budget and very few can stick with one, instead track your spending if you can’t get into the budget rhythm) to how technology can help you improve your life.


How would you rate your life?


Question for you, honestly on a scale or 1-10 how would you score each area your life? If you would rate everything a perfect 10, that’s great! I want to meet you. If you would rate everything a less than stellar 1, let’s still meet up, there is still things we can chat about, focus, and improve to your contentment.

As for everyone else, check out this life assessment tool created by influencer Michael Hyatt it will help you assess your life for free in less than 10 minute.

Here are some additional details from him about the life assessment tool he created:

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— Michael

P.S. You have the power to create a future that is better than your past. Invest 10 minutes to get your LifeScore… change the trajectory of your life!


iOS upgrade recommendation: Not at this time

At this time I do not recommend upgrading to iOS 11 especially if you have an iPhone 5S.


Based upon my own experiences with iOS 11, Apple needs to iron out some more wrinkles with the software to refine some features and to improve overall performance on the iPhone 5s. iOS 11 slows down the iPhone 5s and increases the waiting time or   “hanging” time from when you open an app (like Notes for example) until you can actually use the application.


Therefore when you receive the “new software update” notification for your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch/iPod Touch tap “not now” or “remind me later” to delay installing the update. Later I will post a guide on how to remove the update only if you’re in the time period AFTER you accidentally tapped “install” but BEFORE the update was fully applied.


If you actually applied the update and don’t like iOS 11, it may be possible to downgrade but not without challenge and/or time cost. Contact me and I’ll either give you a free estimate for me to do it for you (if you’re in the greater  NYC area) or I’ll quickly just tell you over the phone.


Although a warning, in order to downgrade EVERYTHING will be removed off your phone and that EVERYTHING includes messages, saved app data, open web browser windows and more. It will be like resetting your iPhone to the first day you bought it with NOTHING on it, zip, zero, nada. Finally time is limited on when you can do that; usually within a week or less of a new update Apple removes the ability to revert to the old iOS version. Therefore time is of the essence if you accidentally updated/upgrades and want to go back.


So I screwed up

Hey everybody, I’m back….

Apple iPad iPhone

Don’t upgrade to iOS 10!

iOS 10 is out and has been making a splash with new home screen unlock method, new to view your messages, and people unable to find the “shuffle” button in the music app. Granted iOS 10 has a lot of shiny new features and polished up old features. More people upgraded to iOS 10 faster than iOS 9

A major software upgrade like iOS 10 and the upcoming macOS Sierra has a lot of bug issues currently unknown to Apple and other developers. Regardless of how many betas it went through there will be bugs that will pop up once released to the public and installed by early adopters. For example shortly after iOS 10 was released many early adopters were unable to their phones at all  which caused Apple to immediately release a quick patch barely hours after it released the upgrade.

During the beta testing phase the pool of devices the software is tested on is limited and doesn’t accurately reflect the devices used by millions and millions of iPhone users across the globe. While two people may have the same model of iPhone, how they use it, the apps, and the content they have on it vary extremely. One person may just use their iPhone for YouTube, Twitter, email, and driving directions while the other user has almost a hundred apps from social media, games, productivity, and more; all of which affect the iPhone in different ways.

Instead wait until the beginning of October after Apple releases one or two minor patch updates such as 10.0.2 or 10.0.3. Waiting until October before updating lets the early adopters discover the bugs (the hard way) for Apple to patch. An added benefit to waiting is that almost all the apps you use should be updated by their developers and fully compatible with iOS 10 by then.


If you don’t know something can it hurt you?

“What you don’t know can’t hurt you” is the old saying and while that could be true in many situations, it doesn’t apply to all. When trying to improve something, what you don’t know can actually hurt you. Take for example my career search, as part of all the jobs I’ve applied to I sent different variations on the same basic resume format (design), a format that I tweaked and updated throughout my career history. Then imagine my surprise when someone informed me recently of a resume design change that happened in 2011, I was still using the old design.

I should not have been too surprised. If you take in to consideration how much computing technology changes every year (new iPhones, new software, to name a few) it really shouldn’t be a surprise that acceptable resume design changes as well. Therefore if you are like me and are using a variation of an older format like the one below, then consider starting a new resume from scratch. You can easily find examples of the new resumes by using Google. Either google “sample resume for IT” (supplement your specific current job destination such as “computer science,” “software engineer,” “website developer,” “network administrator” for “IT”) and click on the image tab to preview resumes.


What career related thing have you discovered that you didn’t know?



Backups (quick note)

It’s always good to have backups because you never know when something is going to fail. This can be said of data as well as hardware.

Working on an important document, save it first to your folder then save a copy to an external flash however while you update the file make sure you’re updating the file. If something were to go wrong, computer crash, cheap flash drive malfunction or is incompatible (Mac formatted flash drive), you have another copy to work off of.

Also have another printer ready and available for a backup incase something happens when you’re working late at night and need to print important documents first thing in the morning. While attempting to print to my HP Printer, the printer threw an error and told to me to visit for details about the error. It is 12:30am EST there are more important things than to troubleshoot a printer, therefore I just switched printer to my backup printer a Canon, select print no problem.

Backups whether they be hardware, data/files, or plans are always, always good to have and even though you may not use your backups, there will always be a point in time where you’re extra thankful you had a backup.

Apple backup iCloud iPad iPhone Mac

Is your iPhone/iPad/iPod backed up? Abridged

You have important stuff on your Apple iDevice right? If you’re like me, I have voice memos, app settings and data, contacts, calendars, reminders, Pages Documents, Number’s Spreadsheets, and photos. Are they being backed up, well of course they are, they’re being synced to iCloud, right?




The beautify of Apple iCloud syncing service is that any changes you make on one device will automatically be copied to all your other iCloud enabled devices as soon as they connect to the internet, if they aren’t already. So when you update the info for Uncle Virgil, add a new telephone number for Aunt Jean, that new girl’s contact info, those changes will be “pushed” or synced to your Mac or other iDevice.

The horror of iCloud syncing service is that any changes you make on one device will automatically be copied to all your other iCloud enabled devices as soon as they connect to the internet, if they aren’t already. So when you accidentally delete that new girls contact info along with everything else in your address book, before you can even scream let alone cry, those changes will pushed to your other Apple Devices.

Your best bet to protect content on your devices is to back up your devices to both a computer and a backup drive. At least once a week back your iDevices up to your computer by plugging them into your computer, then open iTunes, and click your device icon as if you were going to sync it, then scroll down the window and click backup. If you get a message window asking to backup apps, click yes. After your finish connect your Mac to either a backup drive or Apple Time Capsule, enable Time Machine (if it isn’t already), then select “Backup Now” from the Time Machine Menu icon.

Windows users, since you don’t have Apple Time Machine built in to your computer, Google “backup windows computer” or just click this link.