Updates and more

So I am going old school Nostalgia right now. I have fired up Mac OS 9 (the predecessor to Mac OS X/OS X/macOS) from the 90’s and launched Quicken 2000 to record my spending. Since I have yet to learn how to properly budget I am following Ramit Sethi advice to track my spending.

More recent I:

  • Am doing my best to learn Quick Books 2004 to manage my business books which I acquired through a family member. Eventually when I feel I have the extra $200-$300 I’ll get the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • Have several unfinished drafts which I will eventually revise and release, specifically a post to help you learn from my mistake titled “How to (not) move your WordPress website to a new host.”
  • Am preparing to (finally) learn iOS development, it is something I have been wanting to learn since the college semester I was learning Computer Internet and Intranet Security. It was a goal of mine to learn it (or rather Objective-C at that time) in one semester which was over presumptuous and a non-realistic goal considering not only my learning challenges in addition to all the burdens and responsibilities I had on my shoulders at that time. I want to launch an app from one of several ideas I had.
  • Am planning to resume learning more about WordPress starting with refreshing/updating my knowledge of websites from HTML, CSS, Javascript, to PHP, MySQL and eventually more.
  • Am contemplating my career choices as well as my self-employment business choices. I love computers or rather Macs since Macs were my original passion by happenstance as far back as 1995. Considering that I don’t eat/live/breath/sleep code, computers, and technology, it’s implied that others will always outpace me. Good for those who subscribe the the “eat, sleep, code, repeat” mantra, that’s not me, I choose to have a life outside of work, or rather leave work at work.
  • Have started a Google Certification program. I consider myself more of a business man (I listen to more business podcasts, programs, and self-development than anything tech related) and I am learning G-Suite as well as how to “Manage a Project with Digital Tools.”

How to (not) move your WordPress website part 1.

Hey everybody, I’m back up and running, with all my previous posts restored.

I’ll do my best to keep this post short yet detailed.

So quick backstory first, in Summer of 2017 I decided to move switch webhosts from A Small Orange to Siteground and during the process I screwed up or at least I thought. Making the full cpanel backup and downloading it to my computer was the best and right idea. Thinking I could just upload the files to my new host was not. There are differences in the database prefixes which are attached to your cpanel name. For example the cpanel name for my A Small Orange account was anthony316 while the cpanel name for my former SiteGround account (since I let my original account lapse and started a new one) I think was anthony14. So all my wordpress MySQL databases and tables had the old prefix and I did not know how to change it. At that time I was very consumed and preoccupied by my W2 jobs so I just left the archive on my OneDrive to figure out later and started from scratch. After being sticker-shocked by the renewal fee for Siteground I made one more hosting jump although this time I tried to do things differently.

So there are multiple ways to transfer your website from one host to another, the best usually the easiest ways are plugins and sometimes even your host offers options.  So using one plugin I created a backup using the plugin, downloaded that plugin plus a cpanel backup, then promptly deleted my WordPress website. Following a quick guide YouTube video made by the plug in developer I restore the website on my newest hosting account unsuccessfully. 

Turns out that only the paid pro version of the plugin automatically restores the database.